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Oil and Pickles

Only from Abruzzo Olive Oil

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Choose from a wide selection of Oil Mills and Farms

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Pasta and Toppings

Typical Pastas

and tomato sauces

Directly from the pasta factories and from Abruzzo farms

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Honey and Sweets

The sweet of Abruzzo

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Discover the products of Abruzzese beekeepers and pastry shops

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Not only wine

Craft Beers

Liqueurs and Coffee

Bring the quality of Abruzzo products to your home

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Cheese and Salami

Pecorino and more

Salami and more

Try the best products of our farms

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Best Wines!

From the best Abruzzo wineries!

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Choose from a wide selection of wineries and farms the best Abruzzo wines

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nature and food and wine without equal

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