Our Company

Our mission is to make Abruzzo products known

GustAbruzzo arises from our passion for the products of our land. Thanks to an extensive research carried out in the Abruzzo region, Gustabruzzo wants to make known the numerous products that our territory together with the great ability of the Abruzzo people produces. There are typical products of the various areas of Abruzzo, from the province of Chieti to that of Pescara including the province of Teramo and L'Aquila. The continuous research of the excellent realities present in the area leads us to a continuous updating of the products offered in order with the mission of making even the smallest realities known. Thanks to the passion we put into our work, GustAbruzzo offers you:

  • Products of the highest quality
  • A service to our customers that is always punctual and kind
  • Refund of the amount spent within 14 days if not satisfied

Our Team

Our team is made up of people from Abruzzo who love their territories:

  • Viviana always ready to lend a hand and explain the secrets of the various products
  • Federico who puts passion into everything he does
  • Roberto who looks for local producers and gives a hand where he is needed
  • Giovanna who works in the background and makes sure that everything ends perfectly
  • Giulia who manages to make everyone happy with her irony.


All our customers have appreciated both our work and the quality of the products offered

If it pleases you. leave your own testimony (both positive and negative) on our social networks. We will need it to improve more and more.