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Bocconotto "Classico" - 6 Pieces Box

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Bocconotto d'Abruzzo classic: Chocolate & Almonds with Cinnamon - Box of 6

The traditional Bocconotto is a typical dessert of Castel Frentano, loved by young and old for its unmistakable aroma and intense flavor.

Legend has it that in Abruzzo a maid, to pay homage to the greedy master of cocoa and coffee, invented a dessert that resembled a cup of coffee. He made the outside and the cover with shortcrust pastry, filled with chocolate thickened with almonds and eggs. Upon tasting the dessert, the owner was delighted and asked what it was called; the woman improvised calling it "Bocconotto" since it was eaten in one bite. The tradition has its origin between the late 1700s and early 1800s when cocoa spread to Europe.

At the beginning this dessert gladdened the table of the nobles and only later did it spread among the common people; all' today there is a certain reserve and jealousy on the original recipe.

Bocconotti are excellent desserts to be served as they are or sprinkled with icing sugar, torch or cocoa. It goes well with tea, liqueurs, sweet wines and spirits


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