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Parrozzino - 20 Gr.

From time immemorial, the peasants of Abruzzo made a semispherical-shaped bread with corn, baked in a wood-burning oven that they called Pane Rozzo. Luigi D'Amico had the idea of ​​making a confectionery transposition, reproducing the yellow of the maize with that of the eggs, keeping the hemispherical shape unchanged and using a coating of very fine chocolate to reproduce the dark of the scorching characteristic of cooking in a wood oven and , on the precise indication of Gabriele D'Annunzio, he called it PARROZZO.

Parrozzo is an unleavened baked product: whipped dough made with almond flour and natural flavors; hemispherical shape and coating with fine dark chocolate. The balanced flavor of Parrozzo is given by the presence of contrasting elements: soft and sweet the dough and thin but hard and bitter the dark chocolate coating; solar yellow internally and dark externally. On the palate the almond flavor melts in the high quality Belgian Dark Chocolate, with 37% - 39% cocoa butter.

The delicate flavor of Parrozzo is enhanced by the accompaniment of sweet and fragrant wines: Moscato; Sweet sparkling wines; Orange liqueurs such as Aurum (Pescara liqueur), countreau, granmargner; Hot drinks, coffee or tea.


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