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Hot Lemon Chilli in Oil

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Hot Lemon Peppers in Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 106 ml

In our Abruzzese tradition and especially in the province of Teramo, the hot pepper has always been preserved in extra virgin olive oil, this to make up for the lack of fresh fruit during the long winter months.

Its processing is entirely done by hand, this means that all the taste and nutritional properties of this wonderful spice are guaranteed in the best way, no additives or preservatives are added, in full respect of the ancient peasant tradition.

Its conservation in extra virgin olive oil makes the product truly unique, its texture is embellished and soft, extremely pleasant on the palate. Excellent ally to make our dishes unique !!! 

Ingredients: Hot Lemon, Extra virgin olive oil, whole salt "Saline di Cervia", lemon juice.


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