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Pecorino di Farindola cheese in sage oil

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Pecorino di Farindola in a jar in extra virgin olive oil with sage

Pecorino di Farindola is the only one in the world that involves the use of pork rennet, the preparation of which has ancient origins, dates back to Roman times and is still the exclusive prerogative of women who have handed down the recipe from generation to generation.

It has a streaked rind, the color goes from yellow to dark brown depending on the aging, the paste is grainy and straw-yellow in color, slightly moist even when the cheese is very mature: thanks to the rennet and the production technique.

This humidity gives it slightly musky aromas (mushroom, noble rot, dry wood) and extraordinary softness in the mouth. A great balance between spicy sensations and a good sheep's milk flavor.

Pecorino di Farindola is produced all year round. The minimum aging required by the Production Regulations is 3 months.


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