Extra Virgin Olive Oil 6 Hours, Glass Bottle

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Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 6 Hours Line


The oil as it comes out of the fruit just picked from the tree. Intense fragrances and perfumes. Excellent raw to flavor sauces or salads, extra virgin olive oil is irreplaceable in enhancing Italian cuisine, the healthiest for its nutritional characteristics.

Olive varieties: Gentile, Ghiandaro

Type of plant: Polyconic vase

Production area: hills of Casoli (Abruzzo)

Harvest: Hand picked

Extraction system: continuous, cold system

Appearance and color: yellow-green color, full-bodied and dense

Aroma: light olive fruitiness with slight hints of fresh almond

Taste: prevalent sensation of sweet, bitter and spicy, very slight almost absent, oil of great balance

Use: to dress bruschetta, on dips, salads and raw or cooked legumes, ideal on boiled meats and fish. The pleasure of simple flavors on our table without forgetting the importance of the authenticity of what we eat for our well-being.


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