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Honey and mixed berries paste

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Honey and Forest Fruit Paste - Honey delicacies - 250 Gr.

High quality pure honey mixed with natural fruit pulp, a new tasty and fun idea to enjoy honey. It is a natural delicacy with no added preservatives. Suitable for any combination, it is excellent as a dessert, but also to accompany fresh ricotta, ice cream and breakfast products. Color: peculiar to the specific fruit paste

Aroma: intense

Consistency: liquid with medium-high viscosity (variable with the holding temperature). Contains pieces of fruit, seeds or fibers

Ingredients: 98% honey, 2% forest fruit paste (sugar, juice and fruit pulp in variable proportions 35% (blueberries, blackberries, red currants), glucose syrup, vegetable extracts of hibiscus and carrot. Acidifier: citric acid. Thickener: pectin Food colors: anthocyanins)

Production area: Abruzzo


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