Oregano essential oil

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Essential Oil of Oregano

Antiseptic and antifungal, it is indicated in skin infections, mycoses and to stimulate lymphatic circulation and counteract and prevent cellulite. It also acts in respiratory diseases and winter ailments, asthma, bronchitis, colds, etc. thanks to carvacrol, one of the substances contained in the essential oil of oregano, which would be useful for counteracting the spread of various viruses and bacteria.

To relieve the symptoms of colds and to decongest the nose and respiratory tract, you can prepare fumigations by pouring two or three drops of essential oil into a pot of boiling water and breathing in the vapors that are released.

In case of flu and respiratory diseases, the essential oil of oregano, together with the essential oil of eucalyptus, thyme or pine can be used in the essence burner to purify the home or, diluted in a good vegetable oil, massaged on the chest.

It is also useful for massages in case of rheumatic pain, arthritis, muscle soreness, carpal tunnel syndrome. Massaged on the abdomen, the essential oil of oregano relieves the ailments caused by indigestion.

Own natural components: Carvacrol, Thymol, Linalool, Borneol


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