Cedrina essential oil

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Essential Oil of Cedrina

It is a light euphoric and mood tonic, it helps concentration, therefore it is an excellent aroma to be spread at work or in the children's room to help study. it is an excellent oil to use as a repellent for insects and for its disinfectant properties it can be used in domestic cleaning and to absorb odors and perfume rooms. it is refreshing, antiseptic, deodorant and bactericidal, it is very suitable for kitchen cleaning.

It has a good influence both on the respiratory system, especially in the case of colds, and on the digestive system because it stimulates digestion and gives relief in case of colic and flatulence.

In the kitchen you can use the leaves to make herb vinegars, herbal teas and liqueurs to which it gives a pleasant lemon aroma and to cook fish and white meats.

Own natural components: Geraniol, Citral, Limonene, Cineolo


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