Cypress essential oil

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Cypress essential oil

It is obtained from the steam distillation of the needles and branches. Through its fumigation, cypress essential oil exerts a good calming power on the respiratory system, useful in case of bronchitis, spasmodic coughs, tracheitis and asthma. It is also an excellent venous and lymphatic decongestant, indicated in venous circulatory deficits, cellulite, capillary fragility, haemorrhages in general and bleeding haemorrhoids.

For external use it is indicated for those suffering from water retention and helps to counteract the formation of edema and reduce hematomas. it is also indicated to relieve rheumatic and joint pains and thanks to its antiseptic and deodorant action it can be used in household cleaning products.

Own natural components: Camphene, Pinene, Cupressene


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