Aromatic Geranium essential oil

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Aromatic Geranium Essential Oil

Distilled from leaves and flowers, geranium was already used in ancient times for the problems of the menstrual cycle. it was common to keep it at the edges of houses to chase away insects and to take advantage of its magical effects of protection and bringer of happiness. it is a balancing essence on the nervous system, useful in anxious states.

It compensates for the production of estrogen and androgen hormones. For this particularity it is indicated for premenstrual syndrome and for menopause. To restore hormonal balance it is useful to rub it on the abdomen, the sacrum area and the inner thigh. Vascular tonic, strengthens the venous walls; good fungicide.

Excellent for cellulite, edema and circulatory insufficiency. Due to its balancing characteristic, geranium can be used for both oily and dry skin because it acts in a subjective way, becoming, depending on the need, more or less astringent.

It is also an excellent anti-wrinkle and perfect for the treatment of couperose. It also has a good deodorizing action and a calming action on the hair papilla, therefore it can be mixed in post-depilation oils to delay hair growth.

On the hair it is a good balancer of sebum, therefore it is suitable for dry and oily hair.

Own Natural Components: Geraniol, Eugenolo


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