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Organic Chestnut Honey

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Italian Chestnut Honey - 250 Gr

It is the "bitter" honey par excellence, harvested in mountainous areas that contribute to carving out a strong, somewhat gruff image. Yet, it is a high-class honey, for connoisseurs: the color, aroma and flavor, if wisely appreciated, open up a world of surprises.

Color: More or less dark amber, according to the production areas.

Tendency to crystallize: Generally liquid or large crystals.

Odor: Very characteristic, strong and penetrating, phenolic, animal.

Aroma: Honey of great aromatic intensity, similar to the smell, pungent at first, then bitter depending on the origin, tannin.

Uses: As table honey for those who do not like flat tastes and overly sweet flavors, the bitter taste and strong aroma make it suitable for flavoring or flavoring.

Pairings: With ricotta, soft cheeses or flowered or washed rinds,


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