Organic Coriander Honey

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Abruzzese Coriander Honey - 250 Gr

From this aromatic and officinal plant grown in various parts of Italy comes a seed destined mainly for oriental markets, as well as an equally aromatic and sweet honey, which in recent years has enjoyed considerable success.

Color: Beige

Tendency to crystallize: With medium speed

Odor: Medium intensity, with unusual aromatic, warm and vegetal notes

Aroma: Medium sweet, slightly acidic, refreshing with hints of bitterness not perceptible, reminiscent of sweets with coconut

Uses: Delicious to accompany meats, especially beef and chicken. Thanks to the consistency of slightly large crystals, it goes well with aged cheeses. It is an ideal sweetener for teas and infusions of various types. It is often used in the production of nougat

Pairings: In combination with egg-based or fried recipes.


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