Laurel essential oil

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Essential Oil of Laurel

The essence is obtained from the distillation of the leaves. It has a powerful influence on the mind, of profound awakening of intuitive intelligence; it is no coincidence that the Romans made crowns of them to gird the heads of poets, musicians, athletes and leaders. Particularly effective if you have to do very demanding intellectual work. It makes you awake, present, focused, also stimulating creativity and imagination.

It improves appetite and promotes digestion (dyspepsia, flatulence) and can help with colds, flu, tonsillitis. it is used for toning massages, to give strength and energy to the muscles, for pain, muscle tears and is useful during re-education of a limb after a cast. Due to its energizing and mobilizing effect, it is excellent in cases of cellulite but contraindicated if capillaries are present.

On the face it should be used with caution and in very low dosages. The head and back are the parts of the body where the laurel works the most; excellent for scalp massages for its revitalizing, anti-hair loss effect and along the spine to strengthen the entire nervous system.

Own Natural Components: Menthol, Camphene, Borneol, Cineol, Linalool, Alpha-pinene, Alpha-terpinedo acetate


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