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Ulisse - Cococciola IGP Terre di Chieti

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Cococciola Igp Terre di Chieti - Ulisse

Also known as cacciola or cacciuola, it is an ancient vine that has its roots in Abruzzo. Used in the past only in blends, Tenuta Ulisse has decided to vinify it in purity to enhance its characteristics of minerality and freshness.

It is a vivid example of Abruzzo white wines for the olfactory and gustatory suggestions it brings as a dowry. It lives in a bewitching and modern freshness. A magnificent fruit of Abruzzo winemaking.

Grape Variety: This is one of those grape varieties which, at the time of writing, it has not yet been possible to know precisely the origin. There are no documents on the matter except in the rare mentions of Viala and Vermoreål (1909), which mention it as a native Abruzzo variety. What is certain is that it is grown in Abruzzo and also known as cacciola or cacciuola. It is quite vigorous. Ripens in the second ten days of September. The bunch is medium-sized, semi-loose, the grape is large, spherical, amber yellow when exposed to the sun, robust skin.

Vinification: Selection and placing of whole grapes in the exclusive "Ulysses" cooling tunnel and sudden lowering of the temperature with consequent cryomaceration of the skin of the skin and extraction of aromatic compounds; Destemming, pressing in an inert environment, static cold clarification; Slow fermentation at a controlled temperature of 11 ° C in thermoregulated and inertized tanks.

Refinement: In steel tanks with subsequent refinement in the bottle

Organoleptic characteristics, pairings: The wine has a pale straw yellow color. The nose shows a delicate perfume with notes of spring white flowers and evident citrus sensations of grapefruit and lemon, which express freshness and fragrance. a delicate sapidity characterizes the gustatory phase of this wine which is pleasant and intriguing. The finish is of great persistence and pleasantness. excellent with appetizers and raw fish, first and second courses based on fish, fresh cheeses. Serving temperature: 8/10 ° C


Data sheet

Alcohol content
Production Area
Medium hill in Chieti province
Stainless Steel Tanks
Service Temperature
8-10 °C
Harvest Year

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