Malandrino - Montepulciano d'Abruzzo Bio DOC

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Montepulciano d'Abruzzo Doc - Malandrino

Montepulciano "Malandrino" is a unique and historic wine for Cataldi Madonna because it managed to mark a profound turning point compared to a past in which aging in wood was an almost obligatory technique. This is how this incredible Montepulciano was born, uncontaminated by wood, which acquires its expressive power and its great personality exclusively thanks to the old company concrete tanks carefully preserved and recovered.

The history of Montepulciano has its roots in the Abruzzo region and the wine produced in this region was particularly praised by both the Romans and the Greeks. Cataldi Madonna wanted to rediscover the ancient charm of this ancient red and reproduce it in a modern key with a careful look at the past.

Malandrino Cataldi Madonna tells the elegance and freshness of the territory of Ofena, a splendid corner of Abruzzo where the terroir is dominated and influenced by the so-called "Forno d'Abruzzo", an amphitheater-shaped plateau lying under the Calderone, the the only glacier in the Apennines and the southernmost in our hemisphere. Cataldi Madonna defines it as "an oven with an adjoining refrigerator". Here fresh mountain air blows that refreshes the summer days. It is right in the heart of the “Forno d'Abruzzo” that Cataldi Madonna rises and where the “Malandrino” is born. We are located at 300 and 450 meters above sea level where the vines that vary in age between 20 and 40 years, are lulled throughout the year by the cold winds that blow from the Apennines and the gentle sea breezes that rise from the sea.

Everything starts in the vineyard, the best grapes are selected and harvested between September and October and then gently transported to the places used for winemaking. Followed by a maceration of 18-21 days and alcoholic and malolactic fermentations. The liquid ends its cycle in steel and in the famous old concrete tanks.

Cataldi Madonna Montepulciano Malandrino sprinkles the glass with a bright, intense red dress, halfway between ruby ​​and purple. The nose is a whirlwind of fruity sensations (cherry, wild berries and morello cherry) that are intertwined with floral, spicy and vegetable tones. The body is of medium intensity and structure, not shapely, but long-limbed and of great charm. It shows elegance, personality and an intense tannic texture, leaving with a pleasant freshness that lengthens the finish. It is the essence of Montepulciano, the essence of Cataldi Madonna, the point of reference for a turning point.

Denomination Montepulciano d'Abruzzo DOC

Grapes Montepulciano 100%

Region Abruzzo (Italy)

Alcohol 13.5%

Vineyards A Macerone and Collelungo, on 1970 vines located between 300-450 meters above sea level

Vinification Maceration of 18-21 days depending on the vintage

Aging 12 months in steel and cement 


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Montepulciano d'Abruzzo
Alcohol content
Production Area
L'Aquila Hills
Stainless Steel Tanks
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